Who doesn’t want a beautiful bright smile? Your smile is one of the first things people will notice and a confident, glowing smile goes a long way when it comes to first impressions. Unfortunately very few of us are blessed with naturally bright white teeth. Teeth come in all shades and tooth whitening is all about lightening stained and discoloured teeth.

Your dentist or oral health therapist is best qualified to determine if you need teeth whitening and if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure. If tooth whitening is the best treatment option for you, at Jones Dental we offer two different tooth whitening procedures, take home whitening and in chair whitening.

In Chair Whitening

In Chair Whitening is done on the spot during a 90 minute dental appointment. In chair whitening is a great option for patients who are looking for immediate results. In chair can be very convenient if you have an event or function coming up, such as a wedding, and don’t have time to whiten at home.

At your appointment the dentist will first isolate your teeth and protect your gums. Next a concentrated whitening paste is applied to the teeth for about 20 minutes and rinsed off. This step is repeated twice before reaching the final result.

At the end of your appointment the dentist will also give you your own set of custom-made trays and bleaching solution so you can maintain your bright smile at home.   

While in chair whitening can provide dramatic results, it can also cause sensitivity and is recommended for patients who have minimal sensitivity in their teeth. As this method uses a concentrated whitening paste to achieve instant results sensitivity issues can increase dramatically after the whitening procedure.  For patients who have more sensitive teeth take home whitening is recommended.

Take Home Whitening

Take home whitening, as the name suggest, is primarily done in the comfort of your own home. Take home whitening is a great solution for patients looking to keep their teeth pearly white all year round and is more suitable for patients who have sensitivity issues.

 At your first appointment the dentist or oral health therapist will take impressions of your teeth. A special thin tray is then constructed to fit your teeth perfectly. The trays are then worn at home with a small amount of whitening gel placed in each tray. A typical routine with a standard whitening agent is to wear the trays for a couple of hours each day, for two weeks. Your dentist will advise you on the best at home whitening routine for your teeth.

The majority of patients using take home whitening will see a discernible lightening for at least 6 months. The advantage of take home whitening is that the teeth can be given a ‘touch up’ at any time by using the trays and whitening gel over a couple of days for a few hours. Using this method the majority of patients can maintain their results for years.

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