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Root Canal

Root canal, or endodontic treatment, is required when the nerve (pulp) in a tooth becomes infected or damaged due to decay, disease or injury. Root canal treatment is often a preferable alternative to extraction, allowing the patient to save their natural tooth.

Treatment involves:

Root Canal Treatment is a dental procedure that removes the nerve or dental pulp of the tooth. This is often required when the nerve of a tooth has been damaged by trauma or more commonly tooth decay.

– Removal of the damaged nerve (pulp)
– Cleaning, shaping and sterilizing of the root canal
– Filling of the root canal (or canals) with a special root filling material.

The filled root canal is usually sealed off with a dental filling or crown. Teeth, especially those at the back of your mouth that are weak and have been root filled, should always be crowned to avoid the future risk of the tooth splitting and the loss of that tooth.

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Root Canals Explained - Jones Dental

Root Canals Explained

Treatment involves the removal of a disease or injured nerve from inside the tooth. A small access chamber is made into the tooth and specialized dental instruments are utilized to remove the infected nerve. The root of the tooth is cleaned, disinfected and then filled with a biocompatible compound.

A large proportion of the tooth surface is lost, resulting in a brittle tooth. As a result, the tooth may require a crown to restore it strength, appearance, function and to help it last longer. The treatment requires detailed work often over more than one appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to an untreated root canal?

It is never a good idea to leave a tooth with an unfinished root canal therapy, because although the tooth is not hurting you, there is still bacteria inside the tooth. Over time, the bacteria will multiply which can lead to a flare-up with infection, swelling and pain. Furthermore, delaying treatment can reduce the success rate of the root canal therapy.

What causes a tooth to become infected and require root canal therapy?

Infection, or inflammation of the pulp can be caused by:

– A cracked or broken tooth.
– Breakdown of a filling or crown.
– A deep cavity.
– Injury or trauma to a tooth, such as a sports injury or blow to the mouth.

If left untreated, a tooth with infected or dead pulp can form an abscess, causing a lot of pain.

What is endodontic treatment or root canal therapy?

When you get a toothache caused by infection or inflammation of the nerve one of the treatment options is to have a root canal therapy. Toothaches can occur when bacteria get inside the nerve of the tooth causing inflammation and swelling, but unlike a swelling or inflammation in an ankle where there is no room for the nerve to swell up inside the tooth and the built-up pressure can cause a lot of pain. Root canal therapy is a procedure where the nerve within the tooth and its roots are removed, and filled in with a special filling material to prevent any bacteria getting inside the tooth. This is done over 2-3 appointments. The benefit of having a root canal over a tooth extraction is you retain your natural tooth and are not left with a gap.
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